Many Companies Fail To Prepare Business Travelers For Problems






If you travel for business, sooner or later luck runs against you. 


A recent study reveals how often it happens – and how little companies do to combat it. 

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) polled 523 business travelers who had taken at least one business trip of 250 miles or more within the last 12 months. Three out of four of these travelers experienced an unexpected glitch in their plans during that time. The most frequently reported issues were: 

• Travel delay due to weather (54%)
• Delayed flight/train departure (48%)
• Airplane mechanical issue, late arrival, etc. (40%)
• Missed connecting flight (16%)

Safety was a major issue with travelers. Half of them expressed concern about the location of their hotel. More than a third indicated an airline’s safety record, safety of ground transportation, and knowing whom to call if issues arise were also important.

Travel management services alleviate these concerns. They provide detailed information on everything from airlines and hotels to local customs. They offer travel insurance plans that cover medical needs and trip interruption. They also offer invaluable 24/7 assistance for business travelers.


The expertise, responsiveness and support of a travel management firm frees travelers to focus on the task at hand – business.


Unfortunately, many companies do not provide or avail themselves of this support. According to the study, nearly half (47%) of those surveyed reported their company does not offer travel insurance or assistance services. These businesses also do not acquire them from an outside agency – leaving travelers to fend for themselves.




GTI Travel provides travel management services to U. S. companies. They include tailored business plans, documented travel policies, insightful savings projections, proprietary travel technology, and detailed strategic reviews. For more details, visit us at or call 800-223-3863.



Travel Policies A Must For Most Companies





Travel is the lifeblood of corporate America. Yet each year businesses waste millions of dollars on airfares and hotel fees.


It’s a serious problem, but it’s also preventable. The solution is a clearly worded, consistently enforced travel policy.


Companies with effective travel policies save an average of 20% on travel-related expenditures. These businesses tend to:


Book in advance. Companies that mandate booking flights 14 days or more in advance cut airfare costs by up to 50%.

Purchase non-refundable tickets. Many companies steer clear of them, not wanting to pay the cost of exchanging or canceling a ticket. However, statistics show businesses change or cancel less than 20% of tickets purchased. Even when they do, they still save an average of 24%.


Control the comfort. Everyone likes flying business class and staying in five-star hotels. However, by setting parameters on these perks, businesses slash costs.


Rely on travel professionals. Booking through a travel management service saves an average of 13% on airfares and 20% on hotel rates.


A travel management firm is like a traffic cop. It enforces policy “law” while making sure business travelers reach their destinations in a timely and economical fashion. These professionals can help a company:


• Improve an existing travel policy or customize a new one

• Provide clear, comprehensive travel guidelines

• Standardize the policy regionally and globally

• Communicate policy details to travelers

• Train employees

• Integrate the policy into the booking process

• Track policy progress


A successful travel policy is clear, comprehensive and consistently enforced. It’s a must for any company wanting to reduce corporate travel expenditures.




GTI Travel provides travel management services to U. S. companies. They include tailored business plans, documented travel policies, insightful savings projections, proprietary travel technology, and detailed strategic reviews. For more details, visit us at or call 800-223-3863.



GTI's CEO comments on the UA/USAIR Merger fallout!

Our CEO - Mr. Michael Kabo had the following comments on this article detailing United Airlines cuts in Cleveland. "As I have mentioned many times, this will be a continued fallout of airline mergers. Flights will get cut. Airfares will continue to skyrocket. The Consumers pay the ultimate financial costs in addition to the loss of parts of air service to a multitude of airports. It's nothing new at all"


Weather Related Travel Cancellations Cost Economy

The U.S. Travel Association recently concluded that the cancellation of one U.S. domestic flight for weather-related reasons costs $31,600 in passengers’ lost economic activity. With the latest winter weather, it has been estimated that somewhere in the range of 3,000 flights were cancelled and that translates to a HUGE economic loss. And that only accounts for passengers on those flights and the spending they would do; because of discrepancies in how each carrier tabulates its costs, there is no industry-wide data available for the airline sector.


Snow Storm Does Not Stop GTI Travel

The Northeast USA is blanketed by a Nor'Easter, a huge storm spreading feet of snow, sleet and ice from NYC to Wash-DC.  GTI Travel, headquartered just outside Philadelphia, PA, faces the storm with the attitude - snow, that won't stop us.  Our office is staffed, our agents are online working diligently to provide top notch service for all our business travelers.

From across the globe our clients are calling in, getting online with our online booking tools and planning, adjusting or setting their travel plans to make their meetings, business events and/or returning  home.

Our agents are 100% committed to the idea of 365/24-7, and we are proud of that passion!


Delta Increases Change Fees for Domestic Travel

Effective April 30, 2013, Delta increased its change fee from $150 (USD/CAD) to $200 (USD/CAD) for restricted or nonrefundable tickets for travel wholly within the U.S. and Canada on Delta-marketed flights.


Delta closely monitors competitive conditions and periodically reviews its pricing of fees.  After careful consideration, Delta increased its change fees to remain competitive in the marketplace.



Effective at 9PM PT/midnight ET ON APRIL 23, 2013, US AIRWAYS increased the applicable change fee by $50 for customers who purchase non-refundable tickets, yet find the need to adjust their travel plans. The transatlantic change fee remains unchanged. This applies to new ticket purchases only."


Change/Cancel:  $150 - $300 (per passenger) 



$150 per passenger                                  $200 per passenger

Award tickets                                              Travel within the U.S.; Canada, Central America, the Caribbean

                                                   and Hawaii





$250 per passenger                                  $300 per passenger    

Travel to/from Europe and the                Travel to/from Brazil

Middle East 


United has increased the change fee for most revenue tickets by $50.




All markets/fares that previously incurred a change fee of $150



U.S./Canada to International destinations




All other change fees have not changed. Effective immediately, any ticket changes will have the new fees applied. Agencies are being advised of the fee change through their GDS provider.


In response to customer inquiries, United public relations has provided the following reactive statement: "United carefully manages seat inventory and incurs costs when a traveler elects not to fly in a reserved seat. This fee has been adjusted to better compensate for those costs."


Message From SouthWest Airlines

We want to ensure you have details regarding recent news on a new Southwest policy.  Southwest Airlines is implementing a No Show policy that applies to Wanna Get Away and DING! fares that are not canceled by your travelers prior to travel.  If your traveler has booked a Wanna Get Away or DING! fare anywhere in his/her itinerary and that portion of the flight is not used and not canceled at least ten minutes prior to scheduled departure, all funds on the unused portion of the reservation will be lost, and the remaining itinerary will be canceled by Southwest.


The new policy applies to Wanna Get Away and DING! reservations, which encompass all nonrefundable fares, excluding military fares, senior fares, or travel during certain irregular operations, including severe weather conditions.  Rapid Rewards points, Companion travel, and Reward seats are not impacted by this policy.


The No Show policy will go into effect for fares booked on or after Friday, May 10, 2013, for travel on or after Friday, September 13, 2013.  We will protect those travelers who purchased fares before the implementation date and/or are traveling before the effective date, allowing us time to communicate the new policy.


The No Show policy will not impact your travelers who simply cancel a Wanna Get Away or DING! fare prior to scheduled departure; in this case, your travelers may reuse their funds toward future travel on Southwest, without a change fee, as they have always done. Your travelers who are traveling on a fully refundable itinerary that does not contain a Wanna Get Away or DING! fare will continue to have the option of either requesting a refund or holding funds for future travel. 


We hope the new policy helps us to better predict future inventory by encouraging Customers to cancel seats they do not plan to use. We continue to offer Customers the flexibility of changing their itinerary without a fee, prior to departure.


Best Mobile Travel Apps





Mobile apps can do anything from providing a flashlight to allowing you to convert a photo into a Picasso painting. One of the areas where apps are starting to really proliferate is travel. Here are the ones we found that really help travelers on the road.

Concur to Go is a great all around app that allows you to see your most current itinerary, change your car and hotel if you booked it through GTI's online booking on Concur Travel and provides links to other important apps. Coming later this year will be the ability to change your air travel on your smart phone. Concur to Go is available for Iphone, Android and Blackberry. Contact to get set up.

TripIt organizes travel plans into an itinerary that has all of your trip details in one place and is fully integrated with Concur online booking. TripIt will automatically build an itinerary for your trip that you can access anytime, either online or from a mobile device. 

Long layovers in airports? Check Gate Guru to get information on best meals, gift shops and other airport services. Avoid going through long security lines only to find the restaurant you want is pre security. Available on Iphone and Android.

Flight Stats checks to see if planes are running on time and can let you know how much time you'll have to wait before getting onboard. There are also links to hotels if you have stay overnight. Available on IPhone and Android.

Finally for those of us who have our heads in the clouds and forget where we parked our car at the airport, try Car Park which will help you locate your car in the parking lot using GPS technology. Of course you have to remember to press the button to record it when you park in the first place. Available on IPhone.

Has anybody found any other good ones? Let us know!



The Internet Revolution Has Helped Travel Agencies



The Internet revolution has created a greater need for corporate travel management. Things have not quite turned out to be quite as simple for the online self booking, self proclaimed travel agents. Those that thought it was easier for them to book online are getting frustrated and tired of wasting their time and money. Quite simply they are discovering that they need a corporate travel company to help them deal with the complexities of business travel. Business travel management agencies have saved many companies from making costly mistakes and wasting their valuable time.

New technologies have given the travel agency a huge shot in the arm, and have paved the way for the agencies to provide the best service to their clients. Technology’s brisk pace has propelled travel agents to constantly reinvent and redefine their role and that of their business. According to a recent study, over 95 per cent of travel agents were in agreement that technology has completely changed the way the travel industry conducts their business. It is no surprise that the Internet has had a positive effect on travel agencies. Over 85% of agents polled, agreed that mobile, social networking and location-based services have helped to make their customer service even more effective. Although most agents cited convenience, communication and productivity as key technology benefits, a few agents thought the online travel space had also led to fiercer competition and reduced prices. Mobile travel apps, such as Concur Mobile and Tripit, are becoming more portable and gaining in power, bringing information directly to the individual. Information technology has become indispensable not only in lowering costs for businesses travel.  Corporations have discovered the addtional benefits of working with a corporate travel agency by getting effective reporting, vendor negotiation and somebody to speak to when there is a problem. 

Not only do most agents believe that technology in travel has been the driving change for them, they also believe a quick adoption of technology is essential in order to stay competitive. Flight and trip changes cause a great deal of stress to thousands of passengers each year. Mobile applications provide an intelligent platform by which agents can communicate with their customers at crucial times and have created a win win situation all parties.

For more information: Steve Peterson's article about IBM's global Business Solutions:




Big Advantages for Business Travelers that Use GTI Travel

Successful companies, whether large or small, all require so much in order to succeed: sound strategies, critical analysis of current operations, and streamlined processes that lead to better cost-savings and a higher return on investments (ROI).  When business travel is added to the equation, it is critical for corporate leaders to think strategically about that part of their business, as well.  Hiring a professional travel management company, such as GTI Travel, provides a distinct, competitive advantage for businesses over their competition.

“GTI Travel serves as an extension of each client’s operations. One of our main objectives is to make certain we understand our client’s unique goals, which then allow us to collaborate with and advise them on customized solutions to meet their travel needs and their bottom line in ways they simply can’t do themselves,” stated Bonni Simon, President of GTI Travel. “Service excellence for the individual business travelers is a must, but it’s also just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we do for our clients. As travel management professionals, we create plans and strategies, analyze data related to their overall corporate travel budget, and recommend program enhancements that will ultimately drive incremental savings and enhanced ROI.”

GTI Travel has been assisting travelers since 1972 and is an independently owned and operated location affiliated with Travel Leaders Group – a leader in both the retail travel agency space and business travel, and it consistently ranks as one of the top travel companies nationwide. Most recently, Travel Leaders Group was again named among the Top 10 on the Travel Weekly Power List, #1 on the Business Travel News Business 2012 Travel Survey and #1 on Entrepreneur’s latest Franchise 500 list of full-service travel agency franchise businesses.

When your journey includes us, you travel better. To see how your company could benefit from the extraordinary business travel services provided by GTI Travel, let your journey begin by visiting GTI Travel at or simply call 800-223-3863. 


How To Buy Competitive Airline Tickets

                           Always check your flight


Some alternative and regional airlines do not charge a fee for last minute changes or bookings. Traditional airlines have certain guidelines that force the travelers to extend their stay over a Saturday night or impose other restrictions for lower fares. It may be to your advantage to check to see if the alternative airlines offer service to your destination.

Buy early and stick to your plans

If you need to fly somewhere where there is no alternate carrier, the best way to make the most of it is to buy tickets as early as possible, then stick to your plans. If you try to change your flights, you'll get hit with the hefty change fee and the difference between the advance-purchase price and the last minute fare. If clients argue, tell them what it will cost. You may be surprised how quickly they may suggest that you should wait until the fares come down.


Use a good travel agent!

The widespread availability of online pricing tools has convinced many business travelers that they can go it alone. Nothing could be further from the truth. The more complicated and frequent your travel, the more you need a good travel agent. The less time you want to spend on your computer looking to book, the more you need a good travel agent. Their fees are modest, considering their experience, and they know how to give you the best service and pricing.


Know the Basics

Airlines are masters of changing the pricing game on the fly, but here are some basics of ticket buying

Don't buy on weekends. Airlines tend to file price increases on a Thursday evening. They often wait out the weekend to see if other carriers match their pricing. If the competition does not budge, the fare increase may be withdrawn on Monday morning. Be careful because if you had purchased a ticket over the weekend, you will end up paying the higher price.

Although they may cost you more money, direct flights are usually the best option. The more flights you take to complete your journey, the greater the chance of delays and lost luggage.

It's best to check flights a few hours or a few days around your planned travel time. Prices often differ dramatically. It's a good idea to inquire about the availability of upgrades to first class. They are often available for purchase at the gate before departureor online when printing boarding passes. Keep in mind, that airlines may have reasonably priced seats available in more desirable seating.







Scooter Luggage

It's a carry on, no it's a scooter to get you through those long airport terminals in a hurry. Not only practical but fun as well!




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